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You can find Trevor's work at the following galleries throughout British Columbia:

Alcheringa Gallery

Bill Reid Gallery

Coastal Peoples Gallery

Douglas Reynolds Gallery

Inuit Gallery

Lattimer Gallery

Spirit Gallery

Museum of Anthropology

Trevor Angus

Gitxsan Artist

Trevor Angus was accepted into the Kitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Indian Art at K’san in Hazelton BC, at a young age. At the Gitanmaax School, he studied under Master Carvers Ken Mowatt and Vernon Stephens. For four years he studied and learned to design and carve panels, masks, rattles, paddles, ladles and steam bentwood boxes. Since graduating from the Gitanmaax School, Angus has apprenticed under Phillip Janze to hone his skills in gold and silver jewelry engraving. 

Angus creates his panel works in cedar wood, incorporating traditional K’san style and design. He is a practiced carver and his pieces are thoughtful, consistent, and deeply etched. He now lives and carves full time in Vancouver.



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